Bristol Rescue Membership

Bristol Rescue 1[1]

Bristol Rescue's membership is comprised primarily of volunteers and is supplemented by part time staff and full-time officers. New members are always welcome!

Board of Directors

President - Maria Bedell

Vice President - Liam Knight

Trustee-at-Large - Ori Tzuriel

Treasurer - Mark Boltz-Robinson

Secretary - Allison Hayes


Officers / Administrative

Chief - Will Elwell, AEMT

Deputy Chief - Eli Rickner, AEMT

Transfer Coordinator - Eric McDonnell, AEMT



Mark Rickner

Thayer Osbourne

Liam Knight

Vincent Moeykens

Jack Beatty

Alex Morton


Ori Tzuriel

Maria Bedell

Sprague Huntington

Liam Kelliher

Katie Wagers

Allison Hayes

Chris Nugent

Mark Boltz-Robinson

Irene Poole

Ed Hilbert

Susan Nelson

George Dunne

Anna Paritsky


Jeremy Southwell

Dennis Hysko

Vermont EFR

Mike Cram

Anthony Robideau


Steve Jarvis

Part-Time Staff

Nicholas Sousa, AEMT

Katya Cavanaugh, AEMT

Graham Huntington, EMT